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Hello all!,

We have changed the SOGPG site a little bit.  Please bear with us while we work out a few minor details.  The newest feature is the ability for you to leave comments on articles that we post to the home page.

You must be a registered user (Free) to leave comments.  This means click on the “My Account link on the top menu, then enter your email address on the right and click “Register”.  You will be asked to create a password and to enter your address etc.  If you comment on the article (Or on another comment) it dos not appear instantly, these have to be processed.

The Seeds in the Shop page are sorted by Grower name

Our site is lacking images so if you have any of the weigh-off,  pumpkins of the seeds we are selling, etc please send them to mail@sogpg.com.  We will try to fit them on at some point.  If you have a picture of a pumpkin of a seed we are selling we can post the image in the shop page.


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